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Magazine Cover Mockup

Magazine Cover Mockup

Class Project


Digital Imaging Fundamentals


Jan-Feb 2014

Full size image

Document Setup:

8.5 inches (width) x 11 inches (height)
Resolution 72 ppi, RGB


Full color magazine cover for a topic of choosing. Use at least 4 different Photoshop styles and filters within the project and document what was performed. Use Photoshop and create a digital mockup only

Project Notes:

For this composition I chose to do a magazine cover. I knew I wanted to incorporate music, Irish and Saint Patrick’s Day. A friend was my inspiration for this magazine cover. Since he is from Ireland but has lived here for many years I had settled on calling the magazine “The Irishman”, however after thinking about my friend a bit longer I realized he always seems a bit lost and undecided if he wants to stay in the US or go back home. This inspired the name “The Lost Irishman”. With his permission I utilized some of his album covers from his online shop. I incorporated a bar code and a QR code for the magazine cover for a more “real world” cover.

Green Guinness – Crop tool was used before bringing the image into the project as a new layer. Layer was then duplicated for editing. The layer copy was converted to a smart object and a layer mask was added to remove the glass and the majority of the bottle. A smart filter was then applied to the rest of the bottle to “blur” out the beer name. Selection tools were used to select the top of the chopped off beer bottle. A new layer via copy was created, flipped, turned, and a layer mask was added to clean up the bottle top and make it look like it was there all along.

The Goat Bar – Image was cropped before bringing the image into the project. Image was then converted to a smart image and layer styles and smart filters were applied.

Blarney – A shape was created for the speech bubble and the text “Blarney” has layer filters applied.

Christy Moore 2 Med – Has an adjustment layer applied to adjust the Hue & Saturation. This was to tone down the image to bring it more in line with the other two images.

Barcode – A shape was added to the bottom portion of the barcode and text applied over the shape.

Clover – Layer was duplicated many times. Sometimes the clover was turned and the opacity was adjusted down on some.

Best Practice Additions: None

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