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Informational Website

Informational Website

Class Project


Web Design


Nov-Dec 2014

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Live Project


HTML5 / CSS, Favicon, Google Map, Contact Form, sub-menu, 4 pages minimum, external links

Project Notes:

This project was to create an informational website that incorporated external links, a contact form, favicon and interactive map with four (4) pages. The fourth page was supposed to be for the contact form however I incorporated the form on all pages instead.

Site is not responsive.

Logo design and all photography by Lori Mann.

Best Practice Additions:

Location and Contact Information, contact form
Does jQuery 2016
Responsive Website 2016
HTML5-Showcase 2015
Responsive Website 2015
Magazine Cover
Project Presentation
Informational Site
Event Poster
Website Mockup
Email Mockup
Print Ad Mockup
Flyer Mockup
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